The novel I wrote isn’t good. In fact it’s pretty terrible. The idea is nice, but it’s “falling flat”. I’m not sure what that actually means, but it’s the best way I can describe it. There’s no weight to anything that’s happening. I know how to fix it. It needs to show more of the… Read More

I released a children’s book today. It’s called Tooth Finds a Friend, and it’s about a little raptor that, well, needs a friend. I’ve worked on it for the last few months, writing it, drawing it, coloring it, and putting it all together. The story went through several iterations. I would write a draft, then… Read More

I’ve been doing a lot of free writing in my journal. It’s very satisfying to just dump all the thoughts that I have out on the page. I’m trying to do it more with my fiction. I often get stuck with all the ideas floating around in my head and I end up just sitting… Read More

I recently came across a link to one of Mitch Hedber’s “free writing” exercises: I’ve tried free writing before and I’ve always found it therapeutic. It helps me to keep the mindset of only writing for myself and not thinking anyone else will read it. It takes away the embarrassment of putting things down… Read More

Just because a show is “a kid show” doesn’t give it the excuse to be cheesy, obvious, and ill-timed. With a lot of cheesy and just straight bad entertainment media, I see a lot of people use “yeah, but it’s a kid show” as an excuse that somehow makes it ok (Specifically, I’m talking about… Read More

My fight scenes are pretty dry. I just describe events blow by blow. Fight scenes, any scenes, are opportunities to get in the character’s head and provide contextual descriptions. Character development. My protagonist just got punched in the face for something he knew was wrong, but thought he would get away with. How does he… Read More

I frequent some different writing forums. A common title I see reads something to the effect of, “I’m going to try to write a story a day for the next year,” or, “I have this good idea for a story. What do you think?” These goals in and of themselves aren’t necessarily bad. But, in… Read More

I tend to give too many reasons for my character’s actions. It clutters up the story and slows plot advancement. The character is living a life and making normal, every day decisions. We, as characters of our own stories, don’t think about the reasons behind everything we do. We just do the things. For example,… Read More

As I really started to get serious about writing every day, I heard a lot about word count. Stephen King says to write 2000 words a day. Brandon Sanderson told his class to write 500 words a week or something like that. I started with 500 words a day and worked up to 1500-2000 a… Read More