As I really started to get serious about writing every day, I heard a lot about word count.

Stephen King says to write 2000 words a day. Brandon Sanderson told his class to write 500 words a week or something like that. I started with 500 words a day and worked up to 1500-2000 a day.

Now I’m trying something new: I’m not thinking about it. I have notes for a scene that I want to write with the broad strokes and mental images of what I want to happen. Then, I write it, and I don’t think about how many words I’m doing a day.

I count it a success if I can get all of the scene or at least a large section of it done in the time I have in the day. Counting the words as I go makes it too much of a chore and very un-fun. I want to get lost in the story instead of checking the bottom left corner of the screen every paragraph to see how much closer I am to my goal.

I turned off the word counter in Microsoft Word, and I haven’t found where Google Drive keeps their word count. Writing has been so much more enjoyable since.


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