I’ve been doing a lot of free writing in my journal. It’s very satisfying to just dump all the thoughts that I have out on the page.

I’m trying to do it more with my fiction. I often get stuck with all the ideas floating around in my head and I end up just sitting there, not typing, thinking of all the reasons a certain scene doesn’t work, or all the possibilities that one character’s decision could mean for them. Other times, I get stuck, and I don’t know where to go with my story after a scene.

I do have a separate notes page for each story that I write for keeping separate and random ideas in one spot. But I’m trying to use it more for getting out of those moments when I am stuck. I’m hoping to form the habit of, right when I get stuck, starting to free write anything about the story and getting down anything that could happen next.

I constantly have times when I get a really good rhythm going and then suddenly I hit a wall. Free writing is a great way to keep that momentum going. I write whatever comes to my head. It doesn’t always relate to the story, but by doing it, I break through the barriers of uncertainty and find great new roads to take the plot.

It’s been working so far, anyway.

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