I recently came across a link to one of Mitch Hedber’s “free writing” exercises: https://i.imgur.com/15vMLqr.jpg I’ve tried free writing before and I’ve always found it therapeutic. It helps me to keep the mindset of only writing for myself and not thinking anyone else will read it. It takes away the embarrassment of putting things down… Read More

I tend to give too many reasons for my character’s actions. It clutters up the story and slows plot advancement. The character is living a life and making normal, every day decisions. We, as characters of our own stories, don’t think about the reasons behind everything we do. We just do the things. For example,… Read More

One of the best pieces of advice out there for writing stories is to “just start writing”. In other words: Do work. Produce stuff. But for a procrastinator such as myself, that advice easily becomes daunting. I need to break things out in chunks. If I don’t, my mind wanders too much and I get… Read More

I’ve tried a lot of different approaches to planning and writing a novel. I’ve researched and found all sorts of methods. Some people said to plan a lot, others said to not plan and just “start writing”. I tried the planning, I tried just going for it. I found some stuff that worked for me… Read More

I used to use Word and Excel for the majority of my writing before. They aren’t bad tools, but between having a PC and a Mac, transferring the files through email, cloud storage, and an external drive to get the files where I wanted to work on them, and then having to get those files in… Read More

A while ago I read Will Hartzell-Baird’s Death Mill Mansion http://www.amazon.com/Death-Mill-Mansion-Lighthearted-Comedy-ebook/dp/B00408ANA0 and was impressed with all the plots and details he kept track of throughout the book. In really fun and interesting ways, he would bring back characters and plot devices that I had completely forgotten about.   I often wonder how great authors keep… Read More

I recently altered the way I approach outlining a story. For the first draft of my novel, my outlining was very detailed. Each bullet point had a lot of descriptions. As I would write down what was happening in the scene, I’d get ideas on what was going on in the character’s head, or twists… Read More